What our clients have to say


What our clients have to say


The first 12 months were crucial



We chose to work with Magnetic Alliance because they approached this completely differently to everyone else.

We caught up with our client Adam from SecureWare to see how he felt about working with Magnetic Alliance, what he loved about our approach, the business support that we provide and the improvements we helped him achieve for his business. ​

Ben Howard
(Monopoly Property Group)

I like Magnetic Alliance's philosophy of "A Client For Life". They help us see things through until we get the results

Magnetic Alliance helped us create a growth blueprint and we now have a solid plan moving forward into the future.


“A weight has been lifted off our shoulders… We can now focus more on our business”

We caught up with Max and Myles from MPower Electrical & Air-conditioning to see how they felt about working with Magnetic Alliance, and how hiring an Offshore Virtual Assistant has allowed them to stop the “burn out”, get back on top of their game and be able to spend more quality time with family. 


Great Help in Offshore Team Building

Have a look at what Juen Phie from P&Y Partners has to say about the offshore team he is building in the Philippines with the help of Magnetic Alliance.

Dave Bruhl
(Managing Director, BetaView Aluminium Windows & Doors)

Led Very Quickly to a Turnaround in Profit

In the last 18 months, we’ve been working with Magnetic Alliance, it’s changed the business and it has also changed my lifestyle as well. Magnetic Alliance looked at the foundation of our company right from the start all the way through. That led very quickly to a turnaround in profit. Profit was threefold in the first full year we worked together, which was massive!

Andrew Meurant
(Luxor Agri & Agribusiness Recruit)

​“Working with Magnetic Alliance, my future is not only bright – it’s on track. I’m very confident about the future”

We caught up with our client Andrew from Luxor Agri to see how he felt about working with Magnetic Alliance, what he loved about our proactive approach to business growth and the improvements we helped him achieve. 

Andrew Kelly
(Managing Director, Addcash Finance)

Offshore Staffing Helped My Business Grow

We strive to ensure that our clients are happy with the offshore staff we provide them. Here is a testimonial from one of our clients Andrew Kelly from Addcash Finance using our service to help his business grow.

Bronte Hough
(Managing Director, Pak Rite)

$3M in Extra Income to His Business

We thought we would try something off the cuff and did a spontaneous interview with one of our clients who has had an amazing growth adding $3m in extra income to his business and this is how it went...


Dallas Pitt

High Performance and Increase in Sales Numbers

We caught up with our client Dallas, Metricon’s New Home Sales Consultant to hear what he thought about Magnetic Alliance’s Sales Training. We asked him to share the key insights he took from the sales training, which helped him achieve high performing sales numbers.

William Li
(Mandarin For You)

Working with Magnetic Alliance has been a fantastic experience!

William Li from Mandarin for You shared with us his experiences gained from attending our workshops and seminars, and also shares how the 1-on-1 private sessions with our Growth Consultant has helped him improve his mindset and provide him the tools he needs to thrive in business and in life. 

Ryan Lim
(Magnetic Alliance)

Growth Consultant

Our Growth Consultant Ryan shared his reasons for why he loves being a Growth Consultant at Magnetic Alliance and opens up about the challenges he faced moving from a high flying corporate career in Malaysia, to a new sales role in Australia. Ryan also shared the key components from Magnetic Alliance’s sales training which helped him achieve the high-performing results he has today and continue to help clients overcome their business challenges. 

Andrew Mudie
(Yellow Brick Road)

“Working with Magnetic Alliance staff has meant that I’ve been able to enjoy work a lot more - and not work until 10pm!”

Andrew from Yellow Brick Road shared what he loved about working with Magnetic Alliance and how hiring Offshore Staff gave his business the ability to scale up, increase the capacity of his sales team, increase staff efficiencies at his branch and create more time for him to focus on doing what he loves.
"We know Magnetic Alliance can take us to the next level, not just from staffing, but from business solutions too. We know you're here to help us.” https:

Tatum Woodroffe
(Hardwood Digital)

"Life now…definitely not being kept up at night! I know that things are getting done when they need to be. It’s a load taken off my plate.”

We caught up with Tatum from Hardwood Digital to hear how she found working with Magnetic Alliance, what she loved about Magnetic Alliance’s recruitment process and how offshore staffing has given her business the ability to increase its capacity to be able to take on more clients and maintain a high-level of client communication.


Check out some of our Client Reviews
  • Will Mc Ewin

    From A Start-up To 9 Figures in Less Than 2 Years. Find out How Will & Frontier Grew Their Business
    According to Will Mc Ewin, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Frontier International Agri, what’s enabled Frontier to do this with confidence is that they have the right processes and systems in place.  Find out how Jack was there on day one and be inspired to get the support that only Magnetic Alliance can deliver.

    Will Mc EwinFrontier International Agri
  • Chad Habel

    Highly Recommended
    Great workshop – perfect for someone with a lot to learn about business improvement. Very practical and applicable – highly recommended.!

    Chad HabelGame Truck Australia
  • Sahil Chaturvedi

    Great Insights for Startups and Small Business
    Really good insight on 'Path to Profitability’. It really opens up ideas for small businesses especially startups. This session allows business owners to take the required measurements to ensure policies, procedures and understanding to work towards profitability!

    Sahil ChaturvediGM Wirrina Resorts
  • Mark Olaiya

    Highly Recommend Pathway to Profit Workshop
    An Excellent presentation from Mark and the Magnetic Alliance team. Highly recommended to struggling and ambitious business owners. Great presentation. Couldn't have done it better myself. Very valuable case studies!

    Mark OlaiyaCertified Brian Tracy Intl. Trainer
  • Steve Bayly

    Very Insightful
    Very insightful, broadened my awareness and focus on making changes that can be implemented with minimal disruption. Mark's information and explanation stimulated ideas that I can use now, which are difficult to be aware of in the day to day running of the business.!

    Steve BaylyProperties4u
  • William Li

    Effective Workshop, Learnt a lot
    The workshop is very effective. Mark is able to point out the key component that puzzles your business in a very clear and understandable version!

    William LiMandarin For You
  • Sarah Leo

    Great Advice. Very Valuable for Business
    A great opportunity to reflect on the business from operations to sales from a helicopter perspective. Mark's advice was simple to understand and implement and yet so valuable!

    Sarah LeoGM - Brand, Strategy & People, Openbook Howden
  • Andrew Meurant

    Strong Partnership, Great Results
    I know I am good at what I do. Mark and the MA team are good at all the other stuff.​ Together, look out...!

    Andrew MeurantLuxorAgri