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Five Reasons - Offshore Staffing

Convenient Location

With just a short flight from Australia, you won’t even get jet lag, as the Philippines shares the same time zone as Perth! You’ll also attract more candidates because it means that they won’t have to work night-shift, unlike roles based in other countries like the US.

Save on Staffing Costs

A lower cost of living means it’s more cost effective to hire in the Philippines. This also means you save money on taxes, benefits, equipment, office supplies and bills.

Fluent Englis

The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country and has a 95.4% literacy rate, sharing close connections with Western Culture thanks to their history with the US.

High Education Standards

Staff that we recruit come from a pool of highly educated and skilled graduates with nearly 400,000 Filipinos graduating from college every year. Nearly half the graduates have technical experience holding Business Administration degrees, Marketing, Design and other specialised qualifications.

Global Experience

Offshoring is an industry that has existed in the Philippines for over 20 years and staff have worked with local and foreign companies of all industries and sizes.

Philippine Team

  • Jordea Fernandez
    Client Services Manager
    Jordea has been with Magnetic Alliance since the very beginning and is our clients' point-of-contact regarding projects and growth solutions that we offer.
  • Kath Panes
    Recruitment Specialist
    Kath ensures that Magnetic Alliance and our clients have a top-notch selection of candidates to choose from.
  • Jeff Lim
    Recruitment Manager
    Jeff makes sure that Magnetic Alliance and our clients only get *The Best* people for the team.

How To Hire Staff Overseas And Save 50% to 75% in Staff Costs

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Dave Bruhl

In the last 18 months we’ve been working with Magnetic Alliance it’s changed the business and it has also changed my lifestyle as well. Magnetic Alliance looked at the foundation of our company right from the start all the way through. That led very quickly to a turnaround in profit. Profit was threefold the first full year we worked together, which was massive.

Brad Nicholson

I’m excited about my vision becoming a reality, Magnetic Alliance is paving the way for me to be able to walk the path to get to my destination. I’d highly recommend Magnetic Alliance, what they do and how they assist you is magnificent

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