How To Hire Staff Overseas And Save 50% to 75% in Staff Costs

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Have you ever looked at what your biggest cost is in running your company?


If you have, chances are likely that “People” is your biggest cost – and when I say “People”, I mean:

  • Salaries,
  • Superannuation,
  • Payroll tax,
  • Office supplies,
  • even Tea, Coffee and Biscuits.

It all adds up and usually accounts for up to 70-80% of a company’s fixed cost.


Well, guess what? Large companies such as big banks, insurance companies and major telecommunication companies worked this out a long time ago and they’re saving big bucks while out-competing small businesses.


Big companies have a huge advantage. They’ve got the resources to set up, hire, manage and troubleshoot problems. This is why hiring staff offshore for small-medium businesses has many advantages, particularly in our favourite destination, the Philippines.

Here are our Top 5 reasons why you should consider hiring offshore in the Philippines

Convenient Location

With just a short flight from Australia, you won’t even get jet lag, as the Philippines shares the same time zone as Perth! You’ll also attract more candidates because it means that they won’t have to work night-shift, unlike roles based in other countries like the US.

Save on Staffing Costs

A lower cost of living means it’s more cost effective to hire in the Philippines. This also means you save money on taxes, benefits, equipment, office supplies and bills.

Fluent English

The Philippines is the third largest English speaking country and has a 95.4% literacy rate, sharing close connections with Western Culture thanks to their history with the US.

High Education Standards

Staff that we recruit come from a pool of highly educated and skilled graduates with nearly 400,000 Filipinos graduating from college every year. Nearly half the graduates have technical experience holding Business Administration degrees, Marketing, Design and other specialised qualifications.

Global Experience

Offshoring is an industry that has existed in the Philippines for over 20 years and staff have worked with local and foreign companies of all industries and sizes.

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