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What We Do

Create a 1st Class Head Office Machine.

A machine that you can use to fill the gaps in your business. You may be great at marketing, but need help with finance, or great at finance, but need help with strategy, whatever it is, our vision is to allow you plug into our system and achieve your growth and business improvement goals.

We can provide a “parenting advantage” that corporations have access to which are not accessible to privately owned businesses.

Act like your Right-Hand Team.

We help you with the back end of business so you can do what you do best, and lead the way in your industry, profession or trade.

You can outsource certain functions of your business for us to help with, so that you know it’s handled by professionals who care about your business.

Help you connect the dots.

Our advisors’ expertise lies in being generalists. We understand business fundamentals which let us to connect the dots across multiple functions of business to increase the odds of breakthrough success.

We look at diverse industries, use insights from other businesses, deconstruct knowledge and understand patterns to give you an edge. We have done this and added value without needing to be the industry expert, but focus on helping you connect the dots in business.

Press & Awards

2017 Business Leader of the Year - Finalist
2017 Optus My Business Awa2017 Workplace of the Year - Finalistrds Workplace of the Year
Optus My Business Awards

Our Team

  • Jack Gleeson
    Jack is a highly experienced Senior Executive, leading and inspiring our business units.
  • Mark Lim - Magnetic Alliance
    Mark Lim
    Managing Director/Co-Owner
    Mark is our Chief Strategist and Business Adviser. He lives and breathes our culture and motivates the team.
  • Jordea Fernandez
    Client Services Manager
    Jordea has been with Magnetic Alliance since the very beginning and is our clients' point-of-contact regarding projects and growth solutions that we offer.
  • Patrick Lim - Magnetic Alliance
    Patrick Lim
    Commercial Manager
    Patrick creates Financial Visibility for our clients and develops awesome solutions to improve the commercial running of their businesses.
  • Kavitha Kuhan - Magnetic Alliance
    Kavitha Kuhan
    Process Consultant
    Kav works closely on Strategic Consulting initiatives, that turn our clients into Raving Fans.
  • Kath Panes
    Recruitment Specialist
    Kath ensures that Magnetic Alliance and our clients have a top-notch selection of candidates to choose from.
  • Ryan Lim
    Growth Consultant
    Ryan is one of our Growth Consultants, and his mantra is: "Do or do not, there is no try".
  • Jeff Lim
    Recruitment Manager
    Jeff makes sure that Magnetic Alliance and our clients only get *The Best* people for the team.
  • Michael Cap
    Growth Consultant
    Michael is one of our Growth Consultants. His mantra is: "Always deliver more than expected."
  • Shawn Wang
    Project Manager
    Shawn is our All-Rounder. He gets EVERYTHING done. We love Shawn!
  • Linda Thammakhantry
    Marketing Coordinator
    Linda brightens the office up and brings a lot of fun and vibrancy to our marketing and social events.
  • Shreya Kothari - Magnetic Alliance
    Shreya Kothari
    Accounts Administrator
    Shreya is our task-master. She gets things done and keeps people a nice way! 🙂

Our Services

Core Growth Foundations

Making sure that your business is able to grow with proper planning, solid finances and strong teams to handle growth, while minimising risks along the way. Having a robust core is essential for sustainable growth for small to large businesses alike.

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We help set up your business in a way that it is scalable and can run without you. We help you reduce reliance on key people and transfer value into your business systems and processes. Great systems and processes will allow you to replicate your business and grow exponentially.

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Key to survival in the short term and to amplify your growth in the long term. We can help you get ‘investor ready’ and position you more favourably to financiers. We help you become more attractive to funders by creating a business with high growth potential, solid performance while minimising risks.

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New Earning Streams

We help you grow by creating innovative ways to produce income and other earning streams, develop new products and services, packages and bundles, which can create repeat business and passive income.

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New Markets

We can help your business expand by positioning you to access new markets prepare to take your business to different locations, states, countries, tap into new market segments, customer bases while managing the risks along the way.

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New Ventures

Create unlimited expansion by setting your business up to be spun off, merge, joint venture or be acquired. We can help you develop strategies and acquire other businesses for strategic growth or create something brand new. We can help start-ups with great potential to mature businesses needing creative injection grow.

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We help Business Owners achieve 3 main outcomes


We help you grow your revenue, margins, profit, returns, staffing, offices and more facets in your business to achieve scale.



We focus on initiatives which help the value of your business increase



We will make sure that we look after the owner and build the business to accommodate your lifestyle needs


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Dave Bruhl

In the last 18 months we’ve been working with Magnetic Alliance it’s changed the business and it has also changed my lifestyle as well. Magnetic Alliance looked at the foundation of our company right from the start all the way through. That led very quickly to a turnaround in profit. Profit was threefold the first full year we worked together, which was massive.

Brad Nicholson

I’m excited about my vision becoming a reality, Magnetic Alliance is paving the way for me to be able to walk the path to get to my destination. I’d highly recommend Magnetic Alliance, what they do and how they assist you is magnificent

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