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What We Do

We provide business growth and improvement services to entrepreneurs and business owners who want to overcome challenges and risks commonly experienced by growing companies.


6 Ways To Grow A Business

Core Growth Foundations

Making sure that your business is able to grow with proper planning, solid finances and strong teams to handle growth, while minimising risks along the way. Having a robust core is essential for sustainable growth for small to large businesses alike.


We help set up your business in a way that it is scalable and can run without you. We help you reduce reliance on key people and transfer value into your business systems and processes. Great systems and processes will allow you to replicate your business and grow exponentially.


Key to survival in the short term and to amplify your growth in the long term. We can help you get 'investor ready' and position you more favourably to financiers. We help you become more attractive to funders by creating a business with high growth potential, solid performance while minimising risks.

New Earning Streams

We help you grow by creating innovative ways to produce income and other earning streams, develop new products and services, packages and bundles, which can create repeat business and passive income.

New Markets

We can help your business expand by positioning you to access new markets prepare to take your business to different locations, states, countries, tap into new market segments, customer bases while managing the risks along the way.

New Ventures

Create unlimited expansion by setting your business up to be spun off, merge, joint venture or be acquired. We can help you develop strategies and acquire other businesses for strategic growth or create something brand new. We can help start-ups with great potential to mature businesses needing creative injection grow.


We help Business Owners achieve 3 main outcomes

Step 1

We help you grow your revenue, margins, profit, returns, staffing, offices and more facets in your business to achieve scale.

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Step 2

We focus on initiatives which help the value of your business increase

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Step 3

We will make sure that we look after the owner and build the business to accommodate your lifestyle needs

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What our clients have to say

A lot of our clients have said what they love about Magnetic Alliance is the confidence we give them to grow, how we live and breathe our culture and walk the talk, by striving for the best outcome for their business and friendship.

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Andrew Meurant

I know I am good at what I do. Mark and the MA team are good at all the other stuff.​ Together, look out...

Andrew MeurantLuxorAgri
William Li

The workshop is very effective. Mark is able to point out the key component that puzzles your business in a very clear and understandable version

William LiMandarin For You
Sarah Leo

A great opportunity to reflect on the business from operations to sales from a helicopter perspective. Mark's advice was simple to understand and implement and yet so valuable

Sarah LeoGM - Brand, Strategy & People, Openbook Howden
Mark Olaiya

An Excellent presentation from Mark and the Magnetic Alliance team. Highly recommended to struggling and ambitious business owners. Great presentation. Couldn't have done it better myself. Very valuable case studies

Mark OlaiyaCertified Brian Tracy Intl. Trainer
Chad Habel

Great workshop – perfect for someone with a lot to learn about business improvement. Very practical and applicable – highly recommended.

Chad HabelGame Truck Australia
Jack Gleeson
Jack Gleeson

Jack Gleeson


Jack is a highly experienced Senior Executive, leading and inspiring our business units.

Open Imagination

Patrick Lim

Commercial Manager

Patrick creates Financial Visibility for our clients and develops awesome solutions to improve the commercial running of their businesses.


Press & Awards

“Entrepreneurship is About Turning What Excites You in Life into Capital, So That You Can Do More of it And Move Forward With it.”
Richard BransonFounded, Virgin Group
"An Entrepreneur is Someone Who Jumps off a Cliff and Builds a Plane on the Way Down"
Reid HoffmanEntrepreneur
"Formal Education Will Make You a Living; Self-Education Will Make You a Fortune."
Jim RohnEntrepreneur

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News & Company Updates

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Our First Live “Sky News” Interview!Just before 2017 rounded out, our Managing Director, Mark Lim was featured

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I CHOOSE SAHere at Magnetic Alliance, we love South Australia! We are a company that

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Garden Party & Charity Auction Success!

Garden Party & Charity Auction Success!November has been an incredible month for the team! We kicked off November

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6 Signs Your Business Is Ready For Outsourcing Jobs

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Offshore Outsourcing – 5 Myths Debunked.

Offshore Outsourcing – 5 Myths Debunked.

Have you bought into these common offshore staffing myths?

When conversation turns to hiring staff offshore, our team are met with mixed responses. From excitement

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How we helped one business owner profitably scale and grow his business and work less.

How we helped one business owner profitably scale and grow his business and work less.

P&Y Partners are chartered accountants who work with their clients to build better futures. The business was at capacity and Juen was working long hours.

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How We helped one business owner enjoy life a whole lot more.

How We helped one business owner enjoy life a whole lot more.

Dave Bruhl had worked with a number of business coaches to help him grow Betaview. The trouble was growth came with stress and business wasn’t

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Our Business & Entrepreneurship Courses

Unlock your business potential! Our courses are made for business owners & entrepreneurs, to help you acheive excellence in business and life.
Magnetic Goal Setting

Magnetic Goal SettingThis course was specifically built for entrepreneurs and business owners as a goal setting course that encapsulates both

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