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How we’ve helped our clients




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We caught up with Max and Myles from MPower Electrical &...

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We caught up with our client Adam from SecureWare to see...

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Ben Howard

Magnetic Alliance helped us create a growth blueprint and we now...

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Jack Gleeson

Jack Gleeson


Jack is a highly experienced Senior Executive, leading and inspiring our business units.

Open Imagination

Patrick Lim

Commercial Manager

Patrick creates Financial Visibility for our clients and develops awesome solutions to improve the commercial running of their businesses.


Awards & Press


  Winner, South Australia’s top 40 leaders under 40 - Mark Lim (Ernst & Young / InDaily’s 40 Under 40 awards), 2019
  Winner, Australia's Leading Firm for Business Growth and Development (APAC Magazine), 2019
  Top 10 Australian Business Leaders Of The Year - Mark Lim (Optus Business Awards), 2017
  Top 10 Workplaces of the Year - Magnetic Alliance (Optus Business Awards), 2017
  Top 10 Australian Business Leaders Of The Year - Mark Lim (Optus Business Awards), 2016
  Top 10 Workplaces of the Year - Magnetic Alliance (Optus Business Awards), 2016
  Top 10 Customer Service Experience of the Year - Magnetic Alliance (Optus Business Awards), 2016
  2 Fastest Growing Companies in South Australia - Magnetic Alliance (Fast Movers SA), 2016
  1 CPA in Australia - Mark Lim (CPA), 2006
  Winner, American Express International Award - Business Strategy & Leadership - Mark Lim (American Express), 2006

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Things We Do

Helping You Implement & Do Some Of The Heavy Lifting To Grow


Help design your business strategy & blueprint.

Build Your Team

Helping you create the right team and the right culture.

Amplify Sales & Revenue, Margins, Profits & ROI

Giving you the tools you need to increase your top line revenue. We’ve helped clients achieve over $1Billion and counting.

Gain Financial Clarity

Understand your financials, gain visibility and decision making power.

Set Your Business Up For Sale/Exit

Getting maximum sale price involves 2-3 years of pre-work to get the maximum value for your business. Start now so you don’t get disappointed with your offers.

Attract funding

Set your business up so that investors will be confident to trust and partner with you and banks willingly give you money. We make you funding ready.

Polish your leadership skills

Be the best leader you can be. We help CEO’s and business owners amplify their leadership capability.

Hold you accountable

Who is there to hold you accountable in business? No one if you’re the boss. We do this with business owners to help them implement.

Implement like a machine

The #1 Success factor. We help you implement your key strategies to get results.

Feel Like You're Alone In Business? Let Us Help You On Your Journey


By Helping You Systematically Grow And Implement Proven Strategies To Reach Your Goals.

Choose the right growth strategies

Growing doesn’t require re-inventing the wheel. Using proven strategies that have worked for others is critical. The trick is finding the right strategy that suits your business.

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Implementing Together to get the job done

Implementation is everything. Nothing happens without it. What makes us unique is how we help businesses implement, because this is where the hard work truly is.

Be Part Of An Amazing Community

With a wide variety of clients from start-ups to ultra-high net wealth business magnates from over 85 different industries, be part of an amazing client network, build relationships and enjoy the ride.

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Rather Not Re-invent The Wheel? Let Us Show You Proven Strategies For Growth


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From A Start-Up To 9 Figures In Less Than 2 Years. Find Out How Will & Frontier Grew Their Business

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4 Steps to Set Actionable Goals

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How to avoid business failure

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5 Biggest Business Challenges Entrepreneurs Face - Strategy & Leadership

In our last blog ("5 Biggest Challenges Entrepreneurs Face 1/2"), we covered 3 of the 5 biggest problems entrepreneurs face when running a business: Sales, People and Financial

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“Entrepreneurship is About Turning What Excites You in Life into Capital, So That You Can Do More of it And Move Forward With it.”
Richard BransonFounded, Virgin Group
"An Entrepreneur is Someone Who Jumps off a Cliff and Builds a Plane on the Way Down"
Reid HoffmanEntrepreneur
"Formal Education Will Make You a Living; Self-Education Will Make You a Fortune."
Jim RohnEntrepreneur

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Sales ExcellenceHow to build your sales machine, supercharge your one on one conversions and amplify your revenue!

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Magnetic Strategy

Magnetic StrategyThis program helps entrepreneurs create a strategy from scratch or help fill in the gaps in their strategy

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Magnetic Goal Setting

Magnetic Goal SettingThis course was specifically built for entrepreneurs and business owners as a goal setting course that encapsulates both

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